• Danie Hamman

Camp David available for fun

This how it work - many guys just want to use the club for a short period because they don’t have a room or place and can’t use a hotel. The idea then is for you to bring your own guy (called masseur) and use a room for (fun) for a short while. I am allowed to run the club as a “massage parlour” or personal care”. But I cannot change the club into a massage parlour or beauty salon.etc so therefore I can allow guys to come with their own “masseurs”to the club. The club will not be open so therefore you need to make a appointment with me to open the club for you. A fee R350 is charged to use the darkrooms and fascilties and max 1 hour. But I also have “masseurs” available. If you want to use one of our masseurs we have a package of R700 all inclusive for 30 min. Booking essential 0724972500


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