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Camp David Nude Gay Bar Reopening!!!

Camp David nude bar Reopening!!! Tuesday 18 August 2020 from 12-00pm Noon -

21-00pm. . Open 7 days a week until Covid-19 restrictions change. Thank you for

all your support call s, e-mails and good wishes during this testing time.

WELCOME BACK HOMEInfo: 072 4972500


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New Times update

From Monday 21 September Camp David Pretoria will be open from 12H00 - midnight 00H00) 7 days a week! Join our euphoric first naked disco dance night since February on Wednesday 23 September! 07249725

Re-opened Camp David

Hallo again - horny crowd of 84 men tonight + amazingly group of young sexy boys! Seems the boys fall out of closet quickly nowadays - about time! We not living in ancient bible times!😩Watch this spa