• Danie Hamman

Fed up for Command Council

I am loosing my patience and getting tired for “regulations” made by these ministers nestled in the “Command Council” - with powers to ruin our lives and the economy, including blaming alcohol sales for shortage of beds goes beyond any rational reasoning. When I read the newspaper my blood pressure goes through the roof. How come after 4 months Gauteng is NOT ready for the wave of infections? How come Nasrec don’t even have ventilators for the few beds they have there. How come a “supplier” is paid R64m for “services rendered” for the funeral for Winnie Mandela? Plus R27m for another comrade? And that was not even the total cost of the funerals? How come Twisters Pub gets raided minutes after Henk opened his bar out of desperation in order to at least put food on the table for him and his staff whilst taverns and sjebeens in the townships have being doing business as usual all the time in spite of lockdown? I will post his press statement - read it. That is how I feel as well. How can these “big six” expect us to adhere and obey their “laws” whilst they make clowns of themselves by telling us we not allowed to boy “open toe” shoes and airplanes have “aircon systems” that “eat” the virus and even imitate a person eating food? As a pilot myself I was not only speechless but dum struck and ashamed on his behalf for the bullshit he was telling only as an excuse fow him and the rest of the ANC to fly in luxury again at the cost of taxpayers on SAA. What is the difference between a jam packed taxi or a plane? The 1000’s in shopping malls!? Why do we need to go to court since Ramaphosa came into power for almost every law/regulation? Now they want to loot pension funds? No this is not right! Watch this space. 😤😡


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