• Danie Hamman


I love it when guys”like” my stories! I received a hart warming “like” from a very sexy guy few minutes go…! Don’t ask who he is because we protect the privacy of everyone here at Camp David - but I have been mum for a while because they say when you drunk and horny you loose all your inhibitions / uhh or is it now dignity?? oh hell nevermind you get whatever cock you want to rip your ass wide open and nowadays many of the new young boys

loose their virgins!😜😁 And fast .,, by the dozens…yes that is true! If you don’t believe me come see for yourself, these young boys who study in the week then fuck on weekends!! I sometimes wonder what the hell they study and when? They fuck more than stydying! Eish maybe some have to do a “practical test” How to have your virgin ripped apart by monster cock? Eish. And off course the medical students or paramedics must learn how to zip up a torn ass (ex virgin) Oh dear the new generation of young boys falling out of the closet with those well hung boerewors is better than the wors “Braai with Jan” can ever offer! No man we do it better and we don’t use charcoal - no fuck mam only lube and poppers! Well enough chit chat see you all soon and specially Friday and Saturday! I might just climb on the counter for a body shot or cream on my dick to sucked/licked but don’t blame me if I lose control and cum…😳😩 Then is a cream mess…😫

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