• Danie Hamman

Re-opening of Camp David PTA

We are receiving more than 40 enquiries per day. At the moment we have have no indication from government when bars/clubs may open. The “social distance” seems to be a big head ache. However I cannot see the difference between thousands in shopping malls, taxis etc. In spite of several proposals to government numerous times it seems they din’t listen or care. Therefore we now need to act and also approach court. We already started procedures. However we do have a plan to open in a way but need to consult with our lawyers and the SAP. We will keep you updated. To receive a sms for more info and possible opening date sms “yes” to 0724972500. Watch this space!

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Welcome to new members😊

We really appreciate your support and welcome to new members. Since the lockdown started 11days ago we were inundated with enquiries whether we are open or not and received an average of 60 -70 calls