• Danie Hamman

UNDER 25 POST (REPEAT with info cell nr)

Most beautiful sexy under 25’s showed up last Saturday night to enjoy the chance to have a good time at CD and wow they made good use of it - no doubt!🤗 However they also forced cleaners to really get their asses in top gear to clean the floor getting rid of the dribble and drool they caused for other regulars!! 😂And eish 🤗😜many of us had the rare opportunity to grab nice young big cock and trust me they are HORNY, WILLING and HOT! Yes I waisted no time to grobble up two sexy well hung willing boys myself! 🤪Therefore tonight 15 JUNE and SATURDAY 19 JUNE BETWEEN 19h30 and 20h30 we will grant FREE entry to guys under 25!! Please make sure you arrive within the time limit to qualify for free entry! 😜0724972500


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