• Danie Hamman

Welcome to latest members and all the beloved ones we already have on the group!🤗🥰💋

I want to tell you the following:” I never never never want to live without you - and I know I could not live without you - and when common sense prevail for CD lovers when we know it never will ...impossible to live without you and if you run away from me .. I will die - impossible to live without you but I know I could not live without you for whatever you do ... I could never live without you. I never want to be IN LOVE WITH ANYONE BUT YOU!” Can you tell me from which song I got these words? I will have this song in our playlist this weekend. The first person to knock me on the shoulder when this song comes up will win VIP membership at CD for 6 months! There we go guys. The game is on starting 21h00 Friday night!👍🥰😉

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