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How does this ALL Work?

Well, this is a Dual Bar, so Nudity and Cruising is highly accommodated for, nudity is there for the nudists but also to allow for cruising to happen more naturally.

When you enter, you will need to check in and become nude and leave your belongings at the reception which is tucked away safely for you to visit the bar.

You can freshen up at the lavatory/showers, you can also go straight to the bar to get a drink for nerves if there are any. You may also go straight on the hunt in the maze and cubicles.

There is an outdoor area to catch your breath or soak up some sun with a drink, get social, or get kinky, as long as there is consent.

After exploration has happened feel free to use the premises for your intent, which is either to check it out, explore the scene, get wild or just be a social butterfly.

All Ages, All Races, All Sizes all welcome.

Is this the gay bar?

YES, but This is a Nude Bar for Gay and Bi Men only.


When is it Busy / Are you busy / How many guys are there now?

Google will give you an indication if you search CAMP DAVID PRETORIA, it shows peak times, however this is never an indication of how truly busy it is. We will never disclose the number of patrons, the magic is in the finding out.


How Much Does It Cost?

R150 for entrance, you do need to put down a drinks deposit on top of your entrance fee and pay upfront, your DRINKS DEPOSIT becomes your TAB which needs to be topped up if you go over the limit of your deposit, any change you have left on the tab will be Refunded when you check out. So the total bill is up to how much you feel like drinking when the vibe is flowing.


Is Nudity A must?

YES, this is a strictly nude bar.


What Happens to my Belongings? (clothes/wallet/cell phone)

At the check in counter, you will slip off with a hanger to the change are to strip down nude (except for shoes, SHOES are MANDATORY) your clothes will be hung up safely behind the check in counter on a rack, personal devices and wallets etc will be places in boxes that match your tab and is also kept behind the check in counter, all under surveillance cameras. You will receive all personal belongings when checking out.


Is there safe parking?

YES, the new Venue has way more private parking away from prying eyes. parking is free.


Is it Safe?

It is LEGAL to be gay in South Africa, so there is no reason to feel unsafe from experiencing the GAY lifestyle, especially if you are travelling from a country where it is not safe to experience this side of life, we make it as safe and as welcoming to all.


Is it worthwhile?

YES, but come anyway and form your own opinion, don’t take ours so literal, we will always be biased on this.


What Time do you close what are your operating hours?

Trading hours will always be updated on Google when your search CAMP DAVID PRETORIA.



12:00 Noon - 02:00 AM


12:00 Noon - 04:00 AM



What does it Mean to be a member?

When charging for an entrance fee, it’s called a member fee. You pay this as you enter but we won’t ask for your personal details, no personal information is needed to enter, and your privacy is respected.


What if I want to be on a Notification List?

We will never ask for your information; you have to leave it with the reception to add you to any lists.


Why Can’t we get Towels/ wear our fancy Undies?

This is a strictly nude club, and this defeats the purpose of nudity.


Do you have Lockers?

No, we place belongings at the check in counter and leave them behind.

Do you have any available masseuses?

No, we do not trade in this nor do we allow this to happen at the club, no solicitation allowed


Are Party favours/candies allowed?

No strictly no abuse of drugs or illegal substance allowed on the premises.


Can I get anyone’s number from you?

No, we do not keep any guy’s numbers, nor would we ever share it, we do not encourage asking for numbers unless consent is given and the patron wants to give out their number, under no circumstance is it allowed demand another patrons’ personal details.


Will I get lucky?

If this is what you are coming for, we cannot promise anything, show off your talents, learn the rules of cruise and chemistry and you may just have the winning formula to the it factor, we only provide the venue for the magic to happen, show the men what a wizard you can be 😊. There is a daily prayer made for greatness to happen at CD, say a prayer at the pew by the bar.

Are there International Travelers?

Cruising is a dying art all over the world, help show the travellers what South Africa has to offer and experience the best of those just passing by.


Is there lubrication and condoms?

Absolutely! lube and Condoms can be found throughout the venue for ease of access to keep any potential magic at the ready.


Do you sell poppers and Viagra?

Yes, subject to availability it is sold at the check in counter where you can add it to or top it up on your TAB.  Only standard brands like MANSCENT/RUSH/KAMAGRA are sold. Price subject to and close to market price.


Do you have accommodation?

We do not cater for sleeping over and hotel amenities, we only cater as a BAR venue, please see additional page for recommended nearby accommodation and hotels close to our venue.


Do you provide transport? 

No, we do not cater for this, please arrange your own means of travel to and from the venue.


Do you have a WhatsApp group?



How can we pay? (methods of payment)

You can pay with CASH / DEBIT / CREDIT card.


Are there steam room Features like most bathhouses?

No, this bar does not have typical bathhouse amenities like a Steam Room or Sauna or Jacuzzi.


If I do not get any action? Do I get a refund?

No, you pay to enter and use the facilities, we are not running a brothel it’s a private nude bar that has cruise facilities.


Will people think I am sexy, or will I find someone that will be my cup of tea?

Please don’t ask such questions, we only provide the opportunity to meet people in real life, we do not control what people think feel or do, we hope you can understand we are only in the business of creating an environment to experience Cruise/Club/Nude life.


If someone is not taking no for answer? What do I do?

If another patron is abusing boundaries and is harassing you, please report it to the staff, no tolerance is the policy when is comes to assault or disrespect when advised that boundaries are being disrespected and patrons are made to feel unsafe.


Are drinks included in the entrance fee?

No, you pay to enter and use the facilities of a private nude bar, drinks are run on a cash upfront basis with a tab being paid upfront, only if you don’t spend the full tab will you be refunded if you are owed.


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